Sunday 21 August 2022

Blogger Episode 1 : How to Create Website / Blog in Blogger

Create Free Blog/Website

Hello Gentlemen / Women,

Hope Everything Going Good In Your Life. In Blogger Episode 1 we will see How to Create Blog In Blogger.

Step 1 : Open URL: or

Step 2 : Login with Your Gmail Account.

Step 3 : Click On Create New Blog.

Step 4 : In Title Choose your Website / Blog Name. Click Next. for example, I want to choose my blog name SmileRe.

Step 5 : Than Enter URL of your website/ blog. eg. ( You need to enter only SmileRe ). If your URL is available than click Save or try different URL and do same.

Congratulations !!  Your Website / Blog Created Successfully. It's a simple and easy.

Thank You for Your Intrest.

In Next Article we will learn about Themes and Layout of Website / Blog to make it Decorative.

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