Love Status English Attitude

“I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go.”

“Every moment I spent with you.. is like beautiful dream come true.”

“I don’t like waiting, I’m so impatient. But I’ll wait forever, as long as I end up with u.”

“There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you – I Love You.”

“Everyone says u fall in love only ones, but i fall daily with the same person. “

“Every time I see u I fall in love all over again””

 “Nothing is fine, but when I’m with you everything is fine.”

“If u are not interested then don’t cheat him.. Better leave him.”

Love is like a rubber band, when both can stretch ,and then one can release then it can heart the other!

“Better to be alone than being with some1 who makes u feel alone.”

“Can I borrow a Kiss? I promise I’ll give it back. “

“Love me 4 a second and I’ll love you forever. “

Ki Hoya Je Tere Nal Larda Ha !! Pyaar V Ta Kamliye Tnu Hi Krda Ha!

“The person who makes u happiest is the person who can hurt you the most.”

Did YOU know i really love the 2nd word of this question?

“When I’m sad don’t look at me – just kiss me “”

“I want to run away with you. Where there is only you and me. “

 “I fell in love with u, I don’t know why or how. I just did.”

No matter how “busy” a person is…if they really love, they will always find the time for you.!

Motivational knowledge history impossible upliftment Social progress social status women Karl Marx

Anyone who keeps some
knowledge of history knows
that great social change is impossible
without the upliftment
of women. Social progress
can be measured by
looking at the social
status of women,
::- Karl Marx
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Success Motivational Things extraordinary Good morning

The secret to success is
to make simple things
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John D. Rockefeller Motivational Thought

Every one right means a responsibility;
Every single occasion is a favor and every single affair is a duty.

::-  John D. Rockefeller

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One of the most important things
for a young man is to establish
a reputation, a character.

::- John D. Rockefeller

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